söndag 19 maj 2013

Get Gift Codes free and fast

We have found a very very good paid site! That pay you $10 iTunes Gift codes for only 3000 points! Bonus thing also! It's for iPhone/Ipod/Ipad only! Maybe for android try it your self if it for android!
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You can also redeem it for amazon gift codes, itunes, xbox, playstation and Hulu membership!

I've now redeem iTunes Gift Cards 2 times! Very good services!

söndag 5 maj 2013

Earn money on iphone/android

Get FeaturePoints on iOS/Android to get rewards like iTunes cards, Amazon GCs, PayPal cash, paid apps FREE! CLICK HERE TO START EARNING! Click the link up below in your ios/android devices! You can also get free Ipad mini! Please only use link up below! You will get 50 points at start! And if you don't use link below you will get 0 point! CLICK HERE TO START EARNING! [CLICK WITH YOUR IOS/ANDROID DEVICES]

If it ask for invite or refferals code please enter "Z4HCUG" for 50 points! It's better than get 0 points!

fredag 14 december 2012

Earn money other ways!

Now you can earn money other ways!
We have earn 300$ from that site for free! Now we want you and your friend test it!
Link: http://earn2shop.weebly.com/
The site give you 00.01$ per people click on your links! The minimum of payout it only 00.10$. It's a very good site!

tisdag 30 oktober 2012


Hi i have started a contest! You can win 2-4$ for free!!!
To register pleas comment your own Username, Paypal Email and complete these surveys.
No problem all these surveys is not hard to complete. You only register new account and complete 1 offer in these site.

If we detect you have cheating or anythings else! We gonna banned you!
User some have been banned:
No one yet!


In this site you can get free gift card!
Require to register and complete one offer!

paid surveys
In this site can you get free paypal money up to 100$!
Require to register and complete one offer!

Lucky Winners:
No one have win yet!

You can get more luck if you do these setep before everyone.

lördag 29 september 2012


If you want to advertisement in this blogg pleas pay!
*To all buyers after you have buy pleas email to me conanclubhacker@gmail.com*
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1. Dont comment link or advertisement link in this blogg! If you do i gonna delete that!

2. No advertisement share or anything like that!

3. Dont comment your blogg link!

måndag 30 april 2012

Paypal Money Adder On Android Phones

Hi now i have create a android apps. The apps is you can add money to your paypal account direct from mobile.
Ads: Yes
release: 31/04/2012
The app gonna update every weeks or month. App is not cost totally *free*.

Click this button to Download PayPal money adder for android!:

I hope you like the app!